Functional Movements: Exercise That Translates to Everyday Life

What if everything you ever learned about exercise was wrong? What if there was a better, more effective way?

Functional movements are essential to life and translate to your everyday activities. Functional movements are natural, easy on your joints, and maximize power output to burn more FAT! If you exercise consistently but are not getting better, stronger, faster, leaner or more coordinated then sorry, IT’S NOT WORKING!

The doctors @ Rock City Wellness invite you to a night of fun, education, and motivation. Come ready to learn and participate in this hands-on workshop. It is suggested that your wear athletic type clothing.

Register today!

Rock City Wellness Functional Movement Seminar

Thursday, June 1 | 6:30 – 7:30pm

For more information, special accommodations or to register, contact us at 340.998.7357.

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